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Need a locksmith in Warwick?
Are you stuck outside your home and can’t find your keys?
Do you need to secure your home with modern locks?
Did you break your key by mistake?

We are experienced locksmiths serving all kinds of customers in Warwick and all surrounding areas.

Over the years locks and security systems change and evolve, which is why Lee the Locksmith stay up to date with the latest locks and security systems. From the moment you contact Lee The Locksmith, they will be happy to answer all the questions you may have, and offer advise wherever necessary. Lee is on-call for any locksmith work including lockouts, lock changes, repairs and emergency entry.

The response is quick the service is affordable, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Quality & Value

Lee aims to give you the best possible locksmith service without charging you unnecessary fees – his reputation depends on it! He provides expert locksmith services at very affordable prices.

Trustworthy Customer Service

Whether you are a homeowner who has been locked out, or a business owner looking for up-to-date locks for your premises, Lee is here to help. We pride ourselves on our trustworthy and attentive customer service.

Workmanship Guaranteed

All the workmanship is guaranteed and Lee is confident that he can help, whatever your situation is.

Gaining Entry

You never know when you might need an expert Locksmith service in Warwick. You might be locked out and getting cold on the doorstep. We have known people to even get locked into certain types of property- don’t worry! We will come out to you as quickly as possible and get you back to normal, with the minimum of fuss and bother. We quickly assess whether your lock needs to be drilled or picked and can replace locks on the spot.

Securing Your Property After A Break-In

A break-in can be very distressing if you are unlucky enough to experience one. We will respond as rapidly as we can to this situation and replace broken or forced locks as required. Making you feel safe again is our priority.

Latest Products To Improve Your Safety

Lee can advise you on modern locks engineered to the highest standard and offering your home enhanced security solutions. We offer no-obligation appraisals and sensibly-priced quotations. Our workmanship is precise, tidy and guaranteed.

Locksmith For Warwick Rental Properties

We are happy to assist landlords, letting agents and their tenants in the installation and replacement of all types of lock, and any related services.

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