Lee – The answer to your locksmith needs!

Needing the services of a locksmith when you are locked out of your home, can be a very stressful situation. However, an emergency situation isn’t the only instance where a locksmith can come in handy. They can for an example, be needed by office owners for greater physical security for documents and other valuables with the use of specialist or high security locks.

If you want detailed advice on your domestic or commercial security, get in touch with Lee for a free quotation. His detailed security survey will take place at a time that suits you. Here is why you should choose Lee The Locksmith:

Quick response
We understand how devastating losing a key can be and how a quick response is of paramount importance. The longer it is left unattended, the increased risk for home intrusion. One needs to have the right type of home / work protection, and that is why Lee is working 7 days a week to ensure that customers needs are dealt with as soon as possible. We respond to your call for a locksmith as a matter of priority.

Free security assessments
A small mistake in the choice of your locks can compromise your security, so why not take advantage of our free security assessments to put your mind at ease? We can discuss the standard of the existing locks and make recommendations to improve the existing security of the home. Our research / experience on the latest locks available in the market place enable us to recommend a tailor made solution for you and your valuables. We also make sure that your property is up to home insurers standards when considering new locks.

Area of coverage
We only cover 3 areas of coverage in order to offer a quick response time, so if you are in Kenilworth, Leamington Spa or Warwick, please make us your first call. If you need a locksmith for emergency or maintenance work, you are in safe hands.

Why Should You Install High Security Locks?

Our homes are our castles, providing us with protection and our businesses are valued to us for different reasons. Securing these is one of the top priorities and high security locks, combined with good doors and windows, can offer this. Many homeowners and businesses are still using old conventional locks for securing their properties. Old locks can be easily by passed leaving your home in a vulnerable position.

If you are amongst those who are worried about the security of existing locks, you may want to consider an upgrade. Modern locks are more ‘pick’ resistant, feature bump proof technologies and their keys cannot be duplicated easily. A high security lock ensures you that no one has a key to your home or business that you’re not aware of.

If you have older locks installed in your home, you should definitely consider replacing them with modern, more secure locks. However, before replacing your older locks, be sure to consult with an experienced locksmith on how to select the most affordable, and top quality high security lock for your home.

Features of high secured locks?

These locks are specifically designed to offer a higher level of resistance to tampering compared to conventional older locks which are easier to penetrate. They are typically designed with extra security features that make them suitable for providing top quality security for commercial and residential areas. The following features make them highly secured:

  • These locks are manufactured with high grade steel and offer optimum level of security to a specific property.
  • They are almost un-drillable due to their heavy steel coating.
  • They have been tested by the respected security product providers and lock manufacturers.
  • They have gone through an intense testing to ensure that they can stand up the real life attacks on them.
  • They are more durable than conventional older locks, so one can rest assured that their lock will function smoothly for many years.

Due to the increased demand for high security locks, you can easily purchase them at a hardware store nearby or online. However, if you want an expert to do this for you, please contact Lee The Locksmith. He is here to provide product knowledge, advice and the highest standards of professionalism and craftsmanship in assisting homeowners and business owners. He will assess your premises, identify potential security issues and make suggestions for different or additional locks where it is advisable.

All you need to know about a commercial locksmith

Safety and security is of prime importance in every day life. Without security we cant live a comfortable, worry free life. Commercial property owners also need to lock offices, shops, malls, restaurants etc, and without good locks they increase the chances of being broken into.

A good locking system is essential, and that is where the commercial locksmith comes in to play. The job of a commercial locksmith is somewhat similar to a residential locksmith, but they have to consider some additional security considerations. Whether its confidential documents, valuable computers or expensive machinery, you need a good locking deterrent to keep your premises safe.

New Lock Installations

When you are installing a new door lock / need to replace an older lock you will need a qualified locksmith to ensure a thorough fit.

Lock repair

If your office lock is broken and you need repair service, a commercial locksmith should be your first port of call. In some cases your own key breaks in the lock and you may find your self stranded. Always choose a local locksmith as they tend to be quicker and more competitively priced.

Locksmith – Are they on your moving home to do list?

When moving into a new home, we know people have an endless list of tasks to attend to. The first step should be the control over who can access your front door. You do not know who has access to your property as the previous owners may have lost / given keys out at will. We suggest the services of a locksmith to ensure you have an extra bit of security added to your home.

Change the lock

The previous homeowners may have held onto a copy of keys for doors which provide them with unrestricted access to your belongings. Not getting a new lock put into your home as soon as possible, can leave you extremely vulnerable. Even if you rent, you should ask your landlord to change the lock to ensure that only you have the access to the apartment.

So changing the locks is vital in keeping yourself and your belongings safe, and your locksmith will be able to install a new lock quickly and at an affordable price.

What should you expect?

Calling a locksmith to change a lock in your new home can give you additional benefits. You can ask them to take a look at all your windows and doors to make sure that they have the appropriate locks and fittings. You’ll get also have an opportunity to improve the security on your outbuildings and gates for that extra bit of security to your home. By doing this a burglar is more likely to pick a weaker target.

How much does it cost?

Sometimes a locksmith can give a rough estimate over the phone, but for an exact estimate they may have to visit for a physical quote. Many charge you by the lock but the type of lock can make the price vary, the better the lock the higher the price. It depends on how much you value security.

So if you add a locksmith to your ‘to do’ list when moving to your new home, just call Lee for locksmith services in Kenilworth, Leamington Spa and Warwick areas.

How much does it cost to change lock?

This is the most common question that homeowners or business owners have found themselves asking when the need arises. Locks are the one of the main entry points of any property and should be given the highest consideration. Usually people don’t pay attention to their locks unless something goes wrong which in turn puts their property at risk. Lock changes and maintenance are extremely important in order to ascertain how well your locks are performing. If you are confused or want to find out how much it might cost you to change your locks, Lee will talk you through it.

How are they going to be changed?

You can take advantage of a local locksmith or you can opt to go the DIY route. DIY isn’t as effective as a professional locksmith because they don’t have all the essential skills, knowledge and tools. It is also a common misconception that DIY work tends to be much cheaper than having a professional locksmith to change the lock.

The cost to change lock depends upon time, complexity and the level of security that you want to be afforded. The final price will depend on the number of locks that need to be changed in your property, and whether or not the locksmith had to provide you with new locks.

How much is your security worth?

If a lock has a higher price than a standard lock, it can be considered as more secure. Keeping this in mind, the cost to change locks will increase in accordance with the amount of use that one puts on the lock. If one wants to simply run down to a shop and grab the first lock that they see, they may wish they had done more ‘homework’ further down the road.

Changing exterior/interior locks?

Both types have different uses so its crucial for homeowners to choose the right lock for their doors. The prices of exterior and interior door locks vary because they are deigned to secure different things.

There can be various individual requirements and pitfalls that can be explained by the professional locksmith.

If you are not the DIY type of person, don’t attempt to install locks, call a locksmith.

Why call Lee the Locksmith?

You never know when you will need the services of an expert locksmith, so please store Lee’s number in your phone. You may wish to improve or replace current locks at home or install new locks at a commercial property in Kenilworth, Warwick and Kenilworth areas, either way we can help. Security is a huge consideration so you may wish to upgrade to a better lock security system at home / work.

Lee the Locksmith has been providing clients across Warwick, Leamington Spa and Kenilworth with the best physical security system for their homes and businesses and here is why you should call Lee for locksmith services.

Professionally trained & using advanced equipment

Lee is professionally trained and has a great understanding of the Locksmithing industry. Lee can handle all the challenges that come with being a Locksmith including, understanding the functions and installation methods for a variety of locks or deciding whether a multi-occupied property are in need of more robust internal locks. They are able to provide valuable security advice to customers and are fully equipped with all the essential tools needed for any eventuality.

Reputable and reliable

Lee has a well-established reputation as a professional in the Kenilworth, Warwick and Leamington Spa areas, so you can be assured of highest quality service every time. The benefit of hiring Lee is that you know you are in capable hands and being local, he is never far away.

Fast replacement

Lee has expertise in all types of locks and locking systems. Lee can normally attend clients in need of a quick response, especially handy when you are locked out.

Handling all your security needs

Lee The Locksmith understands that home security needs to be in top condition at all the times. In addition to installing and repairing the locks, Lee can offer recommendations regarding the best locking systems for the home or commercial property.